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Dr. Rekha Mehta

Specializes in

  • Family & Marriage Counselling
  • Relationship & Live - In Couple Counselling
  • Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselling for Behavioral Modification
  • Past Life Regression Therapy

Professional Qualifications of Dr Rekha Mehta.

  • Graduate from Delhi University.
  • Post Graduate from JNU.
  • Doctorate in Psychology from U.K.


Marriage counselling

Rework your marriage by resolving issues with our help.


Relationship & Live In Couple counselling

A relationship is a beautiful thing.


Family counselling and property dispute settlement

It is a scientific psychological tool in ending unhappiness and sorrow


Child And Adolescent counselling

We can help you connect with your child


For any query call us

+91-9999576668,   9582117676