A scientific explanation of Past Life Regression :

In our country and in the western world people know that they had a past. They were born before and the current life is a continuation of their being. Our past life carries the roots to our nature, and sometimes a lot of our problems which we are facing today the questions and the answers lie in our past life.

Past Life or Reincarnation:

Reincarnation is the doctrine that says that we evolve spiritually by living a number of life times that is necessary for achieving perfection. The soul never dies and is immortal though our physical body dies. The soul has experienced many life times. When we are born our soul brings with it all the knowledge, wisdom, and karma of previous life times. The qualities that we express are a result of long lineage of previous life times. The memories of previous life times are stored at the soul level and can't be recalled at the conscious level. The easiest way to discover and experience a past life is undergo a Past life regression session.

Indian Spiritualistic explanation of Past Life regression therapy:

Past Life Regression is a therapy that uses meditation to recover memories of past lives or re-incarnations. It is mentioned in Upanishads and discussed in details in Yoga sutras of Patanjali. According to Patanjali the soul is burdened with accumulation of impressions that are a part of karma of previous lives. He called the process of Past life regression as Prati-prasav which means "Reverse birthing". It involves dealing with current problems through memories of past lives.

How it is done and what are the benefits:

Through meditation our spiritual guide (Dr. Rekha Mehta) takes you to your past life. Not only the truth emerges but along with that Past Life Regression removes very very deeply embedded biases, complexes, negative emotions of anger, hate, negative attitudes which have been a carried forward to today and which trouble us in this birth too. These troubles can be removed, taken out and thrown away from our system through Past Life Regression therapy. It is a newly born child that emerges out of the therapy minus a lot of burden carried over centuries. People are happier and wiser after the experience.