About Us

Dr. Rekha Mehta has worked on thousands of cases involving marriage and relationship counselling. It is our experience that there is no one case like the other. A very different and positive approach is required for every individual case. Relationships are like children who have to be nurtured and taken care of on a daily basis.

We specialize in healing relationships. We believe in the childhood dream of every individual. When there is love, everything goes like silk. But the reality is that marriage requires a lot of adjustments. We as specialized counselors help you narrow down the path between the dream and reality and make your world a better place to live in.

We are based and practicing in Gurgaon & Delhi.

Processional Qualifications of Dr Rekha Mehta

  • Graduate from Delhi University.
  • Post Graduate from JNU.
  • Doctorate in Psychology from U.K.
  • Specially trained in Family and Marriage Counselling.
  • Specially trained in Relationship & Live In Couple Counselling.
  • Specially trained in Child & Adolescent Counselling.
  • Specially trained in Psychotherapy and Psychological Counselling for Behavioral Modification.

Additionally we have experts who do following tests which enables the counsellors to provide scientific and targeted advice to individuals.

  • Stress test
  • Anxiety test
  • Depression test
  • Personality assessment test
  • Adjustment test
  • Career assessment test
  • I Q test